13 Creative Ideas And Amazing Tips On What To Write In Bridesmaid Proposal Letter (2024)

Like how your groom-to-be wished to hear your “yes” when they proposed, you’d also want your prospective bridesmaids to accept your proposal to join your bridal party.

Being a bridesmaid is no easy task: Alongside your maid of honor, they will be responsible for attending pre-wedding events and rehearsals and helping with the wedding planning itself. To help you get their own “yes,” we’re dedicating this article to talk about what to write in a bridesmaid proposal letter for your dream wedding — and how to personalize it.

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What To Write In Your Bridesmaid Proposal Letter

13 Ideas What To Write In Your Bridesmaid Proposal

Do You Need To Write A Proposal Letter To Your Bridesmaid?

When To Give Your Bridesmaid Proposal Letter?

5 Ways To Write And Personalize Your Bridesmaid Letter

Think About The Tone

Write A Draft First And Have Someone Proofread It

To Handwrite Or Print?

Include Photos

Pair The Letter With A Personalized Bridesmaid Gift

13 Creative Ideas And Amazing Tips On What To Write In Bridesmaid Proposal Letter (1)

What To Write In Your Bridesmaid Proposal Letter

Writing a bridesmaid letter requires effort, a dash of creativity, and a whole lot of sincerity.Consider using bridesmaid proposal notes. You can use bridesmaid proposal message examples, bridesmaid letter examples, and bridesmaid letter templates as inspiration to craft a meaningful and personalized message for each bridesmaid.

Whether you’re creating bridesmaid proposal cards or writing a letter, to a sister, sister-in-law, or best friend, let your creativity shine as you express your gratitude and excitement for having them by your side on your special day.

And you have to think about your relationship with them, what they mean to you, and in what way you want them to help you out.

13 Ideas What To Write In Your Bridesmaid Proposal

  1. I’ve said yes to the man of my dreams. Now, it’s my turn to pop the question: Will you be my bridesmaid?
  2. We’ve been through so many highs and lows. I can’t imagine saying “I do” without you by my side.
  3. I’ll be the happiest bride if you’re part of my bride tribe. Will you be my bridesmaid?
  4. I remember all those times you helped me get through my heartaches. Now that I’ve found my forever, I want you to be there on one of the most blissful days of my life.
  5. My bride tribe wouldn’t be the same without you.
  6. I know you can make the best day of my life better. I hope you can be my bridesmaid.
  7. Hey, have I told you yet that many groomsmen are single?
  8. I feel like it’s only yesterday when you were giving me all those pieces of dating advice. Here’s the good news: They paid off.
  9. We’ve shared many adventures. I know you can make my wedding journey extra memorable.
  10. You’re one of the most important people in my life. You’re a sister, a wonderful friend, a confidante. Would you like to add being my bridesmaid?
  11. I’m excited about the next chapter of my life, and I’m glad I’ll get to have you as my sister-in-law. I want this brand-new life to kick off on a sweet and awesome note: Will you be my bridesmaid?
  12. You know me when I’m excited and overwhelmed. Will you help me keep my sh*t together on my wedding day?
  13. You mean the world to me. And it will be an incredible honor if you will be part of my wedding journey.

Do You Need To Write A Proposal Letter To Your Bridesmaid?

To clear things off, writing a bridesmaid proposal isn’t a requirement. There’s nothing wrong with simply asking someone through a text message or verbally over a hearty meal.

However, doing it in writing makes the gesture more heartfelt. This format is also a perfect fit for some personalities. For instance, if you’re the shy type or that poetic someone in your circle, you could find writing a best friend, sister, or sister-in-law bridesmaid proposal letter an exciting, enjoyable task.

Plus, the letter itself can be considered a memento that you and your bridal party or wedding party can fondly look upon in the future.

It serves as a beautiful reminder of the special bond and cherished memories shared during this exciting time, from the bachelorette party to the bridal shower and beyond.

When To Give Your Bridesmaid Proposal Letter?

As weddings are hectic, you’d have to set aside ample time to assemble your bridal party.

Industry experts recommend handing out the proposal a year or eight months before the big day. This should be sufficient for them to fix their schedules.

As for the particular instance or scenario, here are some ideas:

  • During a casual dinner or a get-together
  • During a surprise proposal party just for your bridesmaids-to-be
  • During spa day or a girls’ day/night out
  • While you’re touring a possible wedding venue
  • While on a weekend getaway trip

5 Ways To Write And Personalize Your Bridesmaid Letter

Now that you have an idea of what to write in bridesmaid proposal letter, it’s time to do the actual work. We’ve got you covered with these tips.

Think About The Tone

If you want to go down the traditional route, you can write a formal proposal letter with a date, address, salutation, introduction, body, and conclusion.

You can also write an informal one to be more flexible. Think of it as a greeting card — you can be sentimental or funny and use slang words or abbreviations. You can even write a personal poem for each of your bridesmaids-to-be.

Write A Draft First And Have Someone Proofread It

You don’t have to write a flawless letter right away. Just write things down and keep your inspiration flowing. Rest for a while, then come back to rewrite or edit it. To avoid spelling and grammar mistakes, ask someone to help you proofread it.

To Handwrite Or Print?

Some prefer to have the letter handwritten; some want it typed.

If you want to convey your great desire to get their “yes” or showcase your handwriting for added sincerity, send a handwritten one. Opt for the latter if you want to be more practical and efficient. Whatever your choice, be genuine with your words.

Also, consider the material of the paper itself. Popular options include sketch paper, card stock, and archival paper.

Include Photos

They say that pictures paint a thousand words. If you want the recipient to feel how special they are, include one of your favorite photos with them and share an anecdote related to it. As an alternative to photos, you can also add some artwork.

Pair The Letter With A Personalized Bridesmaid Gift

Whether you’re writing a best friend bridesmaid letter or a proposal for your sister or sister-in-law, giving it along with a customized gift is a surefire way to make them feel honored. The gift could be a piece of jewelry with their initials, a travel water bottle, or a pampering package.

Giving bridesmaids gifts is one of the many wedding traditions that different cultures observe. Handing them out together with your proposal will make things more efficient.

13 Creative Ideas And Amazing Tips On What To Write In Bridesmaid Proposal Letter (2024)


13 Creative Ideas And Amazing Tips On What To Write In Bridesmaid Proposal Letter? ›

Having you next to me made my wedding day even more wonderful.” “It means the world to me that you were by my side when I married the love of my life. Thank you for being the perfect bridesmaid.” “I feel like the luckiest bride in the world to have you as my bridesmaid and best friend.”

What do you write in a bridesmaid proposal letter? ›

  1. “Obviously you'll be my bridesmaid. ...
  2. “By luck we became sisters; by love we became friends. ...
  3. My wedding day wouldn't be complete without you standing beside me. ...
  4. “I found my mister, but I still need my sister! ...
  5. “As I prepare for the day that I will be a bride, it would mean the world to me to have you by my side!”
Dec 11, 2023

What is a special message for a bridesmaid? ›

Having you next to me made my wedding day even more wonderful.” “It means the world to me that you were by my side when I married the love of my life. Thank you for being the perfect bridesmaid.” “I feel like the luckiest bride in the world to have you as my bridesmaid and best friend.”

What do you write in a note to a bridesmaid? ›

Include something like: “I am so, so happy that you agreed to be my bridesmaid and I want you to know that having you at my wedding blessed my day, making it more perfect than I could ever have hoped. I appreciate everything that you have done for me and thank you for helping me make my dreams come true.”

What do you write in a bridesmaid letter to the bride? ›

Typically, these heartfelt notes congratulate the bride before expressing well-wishes, words of love and support, personal memories, and advice. According to planner Victoria Holland, you can also convey your own feelings about the day and any other sentiments that will leave a lasting impact on her.

How can I surprise my bridesmaid proposal? ›

How to Propose to Your Bridesmaids
  1. Deliver a balloon or flower bouquet to each 'maid, along with a personalized note. ...
  2. Gift a Ring Pop in a keepsake box. ...
  3. Create custom champagne or wine labels asking the all-important question.

How much should a bridesmaid proposal be? ›

As a general rule, you should expect to spend $75 to $150 per bridesmaid. Naturally, you'll want to be a bit more extravagant when it comes to the maid of honor, as she is a key figure in the wedding party and has a great deal of responsibility.

What is a sweet quote about bridesmaids? ›

Sentimental Bridesmaid Proposal Sayings
  • To have and to hold, and to make sure the champagne always stays cold. ...
  • I don't know when or where, but I know I can't do it without you there. ...
  • I'd be one lucky bride to have you by my side.
  • I can't say “I do” without you.
  • I've got the ring. ...
  • You've always been my ride or die.
Jun 7, 2023

What is the most important bridesmaid? ›

Maid of honour or Man of Honor

People may think that a maid of honor is a demanding and bossy bridesmaid, but the maid of honor typically has several duties in addition to some special benefits. The maid of honor is the bride's chief support before, during and after the wedding.

How do you say yes I will be your bridesmaid? ›

Check out these short and sweet captions for saying yes to being a bridesmaid.
  1. Here for the bride.
  2. Lots of love for this bride-to-be.
  3. Bridesmaid mode: ON.
  4. Saying yes to forever friendships.
  5. Can't wait to see her in white.
  6. Celebrating love as a bridesmaid.
  7. Bridesmaid duties, here I come!
  8. Heart and soul for the bride.

How do you start a bridesmaid letter? ›

Starting Your Letter

Speak from the heart. Keeping a letter simple might mean building on memories that you share with your friend. Express how much they mean to you and why you'd love for them to stand by you on your big day. Don't overthink your delivery.

How do you write a bridesmaid bio? ›

Here's everything you need to add in the wedding party bios:
  1. What wedding party role they're taking.
  2. How and when you met.
  3. Their hobbies and interests (or fun facts)
  4. Favorite sweet and funny memories together.
  5. Why you picked them to be in your wedding party.
Oct 18, 2023

How do you thank a bride for asking you to be a bridesmaid? ›

Call her up and tell her how honoured you are to be her bridesmaid, and how grateful you are for the proposal. You could also send a heartfelt note telling her how excited you are for the big day, and the journey to get there. If you have any concerns about your bridesmaid duties, now is the time to bring them up.

How do you write a short bridesmaid speech? ›

Focus the speech on the happy couple and their love story. Recall what it was like to learn they had met each other. Recall your first impression of the bride or groom and how you knew they were perfect for each other. Share why you believe they are well-suited for each other and why what they have is true love.

When should you send out bridesmaid proposals? ›

Of course, they were probably some of the first people you called after the proposal, but you don't need to rush to figure out when to ask your bridesmaids to join your wedding party. The rule of thumb is to ask one year to eight months before the actual wedding, so you have time to plan out related activities.

How soon do you send out bridesmaid proposal cards? ›

But some 'maids might need to know the actual date before they commit to saying yes. You'll need to order your bridesmaid dresses about six months before the big day, so it's best to propose to your girls at least seven or eight months ahead.

What is in a bridesmaid proposal box? ›

Proposal gift boxes often include a personalized, thoughtful message. They can even have a photo of the bride and her friend. Other popular items include candles, a personalized wine glass, personalized tumblers, jewelry, makeup bags, hair ties, nail polish, sweet treats, and mini champagne bottles.

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